About Me


After earning my B.A. from Harvard University in 2010 with a double major in history and science (with a specialization in human evolutionary biology) and archaeology, I worked for nearly two years as reporter for io9, Gawker Media’s science fiction and futurism site. While there, I primarily wrote about science, with a particular emphasis on explanatory features on ongoing news events, background primers on general science topics, and research-based pieces on unusual events and figures from the history of science.

In the last two years, I have worked as a freelance writer, with my work ranging from news briefs for the diabetes patient newsletter diaTribe to TV reviews for The A.V. Club, the pop culture section of The Onion. During my time in college, I gained broadcasting experience as a member of the sports department at WHRB, Harvard’s student radio station. I worked as a features producer and as an announcer, including providing color commentary and play-by-play for three Harvard-Yale football games. I also co-host the weekly podcast Debating Doctor Who.

Primarily interested in print storytelling, I am now working to build the reporting and narrative tools needed both to write incisive breaking news and to craft long-form explorations of topics across the entire scientific and medical spectrum.

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